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Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins (1991)

This live-action version of the popular Japanese animated series Dragon Ball. A villainous king known as Emperor Horn has stolen the mystical power of the "Dragon Pearls" in an attempt to possess them all and rule the world! When all but one of the pearls has been stolen, the former rag-tag group of guardian heroes (led by Goku) of the mysterious magic jewels decides to band together and take some big action! Led by a pig-headed wizard and a half-turtle martial arts master, the team first takes on King Horn's army in a desperate bid to stop him from gaining control of the Dragon Pearls
The evil alien King Horn has attacked the planet Earth in search of the seven magic Dragon Pearls in order to to conquer mankind and rule the universe. He begins his plan by acquiring two of the Pearls, along with kidnapping Sparkle, a guardian of one of the Pearls. Sparkle's grandson, the Monkey Boy, now sets out on a quest to stop the King, picking up a ragtag band of comrades: the tech-savvy Y-Tou, a fat shape-shifter named Piggy, the rogue bandit Westfoot, and the aged but perverted Turtle Hermit. This gang is the only hope against the King... if they don't steal the Pearls for themselves

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