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Sembunyi : Amukan Azazil (2013)

Sembunyi tells the story of Aishah (Diana Danielle), a young woman living during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya, who, after being knocked unconscious while escaping from the clutches of the Japanese Army, wakes up in a quiet, sleepy village, seemingly untouched by the War. The villagers give her shelter and she begins a new life there, befriending village elder Ibu Zain (Ummi Aida), the handsome and gentlemanly Kamal (Remy Ishak), the regal and beautiful Dayang (Emelda Rosmila) and the girlish and flirty Melor (Sara Ali). But soon it becomes clear that the Village hides other secrets as well. Aishah is haunted by the presence of a young deformed girl whom no one else can see. And Aishah discovers that an unknown evil lurks in the surrounding woods nearby the village, an ancient creature that makes the villagers its prey, a demon known only as Azazil. The villagers keep an uneasy peace with the demon through offerings but the moment Aisah enters the village the attacks inexplicably begin again.  

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