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Nang Nak (1999)

In a rural village in Thailand, Mak (Winai Kraibutr) is sent to fight in a war and leaves his pregnant wife, Nak (Intira Jaroenpura). Mak is injured and barely survives. He returns home to his doting wife and child, or so he thinks. Mysterious events occur around the village.
A friend visits and sees Mak living together with Nak. The villagers, knowing that Nak died in childbirth several months previously, realize what is happening, that Mak is spellbound by Nak's ghost. People who attempt to tell Mak, or who know too much, are killed by the Nak's ghost, who becomes more aggressive due to her inability to accept her early death and her desperate desire to stay with her husband.
Toward the end, Mak discovers what is happening, and shocked, flees to the local temple. The villagers attempt several solutions, including burning down the house and in the end summon a ghost exorciser to destroy her forehead (this would destroy her soul as well as the ghost).
The country's most respected Buddhist monk (in the film Somdej Toh) arrives in the final moments, takes charge and in a tearful farewell Nak repents, leaving her husband to live his life. Somdej Toh has the centre of her forehead cut out and made a girdle brooch. He wore it till his last day. The epilogue states that it later became in possession of His Royal Highness Prince Chumbhorn Ketudomsak. Then, handed down to many others, nondetected. Until now nobody knows where the item is.

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